How to Impress Sexy Women

hot and sexy girlIt is wrong to think that you can impress sexy women with money or by being a slave for them. The simple truth is that all you have to do is to play a game with them while increasing the level of intimacy. This method has been proven to work and is actually quite simple as well. Use some practical advice on how to apply it effectively and get the results that you want.

Don’t reveal your affection

The moment a hot girl realizes that you are completely under her spell, she will lose interest in you. That is why it is crucial for you to be and not only to act cool and confident. You shouldn’t sit in the corner of the room staring at her. You should not act like a small puppy around her. These things can only ruin you.

You can hint that you like her by smiling confidently when you see her, but this must be all. She must realize that you are a really powerful man who does not get easily impressed. This will actually arouse her interest, especially if she has a lot of men going after her. You will become her challenge and this will make things a lot easier for you.

Be a good guy and a bad guy

The next step of the plan on how to impress a girl involves playing a small game with her. You have already hinted that you are interested, but she is not sure at all whether you actually really like her. This is the time to play with her.

The next time you meet her, you simply need to make a compliment. You can tell her how wonderful she looks and add something about her clothes or hair style so that she is sure that you have really noticed her. Then you need to go away without paying any attention to her. You can just say “Hi” the next time you meet her and walk away. She will be desperate to learn what she has done to “lose” you and she will come running after you.

Boost the intimacy between you

two hot womenOnce she is the one who is showing greater interest, you can readily move on to the next phase. It is all about building a bond on a more personal level. You can tease her and make compliments. This works like magic simply because women feel that you really understand them when you see not only the good things about them. Besides, this prevents them from getting way too high confidence.

Touch is an extremely powerful weapon that you need to use as part of the art of seduction. You can give her a casual hug when she doesn’t expect it. You can hold her hand for a few second longer. It is mandatory that you take her dancing when you go out on a date.

All of these techniques will work excellently if you realize that sexy women are just like all other people. They are also looking for love and affection and for a guy who can really meet their expectations. You can easily be that guy. Get more techniques by reading how to impress a girl | PowerOfSoul.

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